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Standard [GIMP Registry] - Texture Atlas Utilities

Utilities to create texture atlases from sets of images. This is useful in 3D games to avoid excessive state changes. In addition to the target image, a ".tat" file is generated and updated to indicate which component images were incorporated into the atlas image. The format of this file is suitable for direct use in C/C++ development:

// this file generated by gimp texture-atlas-utils.scm
// SRC /home/hutchins/hacks/java/android/miner.xcf 0 0 \s+copy
// SRC /home/hutchins/hacks/java/android/font.xcf 0 0 \s+copy
_(0,MINER,SIDE_FLAP,0,0,32,32) \
_(1,MINER,SIDE_SQUAT_2,32,0,32,32) \

. . .

_(61,FONT,QUESTION,40,160,8,16) \

Menu items to add and remove source images from the atlas are added under Image/Texture Atlas/...

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